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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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 Darren: Spartan E107

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PostSubject: Darren: Spartan E107   Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:33 pm

Name: Darren
Ranking: Captain grade 1/ Spartan Officer
Service tag: E107
Current Artificial Intelligence: Alexis
Armor ability:Active Camouflage
Age: 22
Personality: quiet when not on missions
Height: 7''1

Background: is part of the spartan II program, trained under Mendez when Darren was 5 years old-18 years old. he had always wanted to serve in the UNSC no matter what. When he was kidnapped and was sent to the assembly, when they were first in the theater with Doctor Halsy. Doctor Halsy told the large group of kids about what has just taken place, that they couldn't see their parents again he just stared strait ahead for a minute until he was finally able to snap out of it. he understood every word that she spoke about how they have been drafted to the spartan II program. Darren was able to make quick friends with John or better known as spartan 117, they both had determination to win. When Darren was old enough to go through the procedures (surgery) he immediately said yes. He heard the chances of success were small but he didn't care. His muscle mass came out a bit larger than expected so in the future they would have to customize his armor to make a comfortable fit. Darren was also with John when he was at the gym and he got in an accidental fight with four ODST troops and he was there when he won too. When the AIs came to chose who they wanted Alexis spotted his status almost immediately she was surprised at what she read, how he was able to use the energy sword easily. She was also surprised at his mission reports, he had done exceptionally well for a Spartan that young of age. She chose him. He was also at the mission when they first got their suits, of course John was the first to get to use a suit but his turn came soon enough. When they were in the pelican going back to the UNSC Commonwealth John thought of a way to destroy the covenant ship that was chasing them. John Sam Kelly were on board the ship and he joined them a few seconds later. When they got to the control room or weapon system they set the bomb down but Sam got hit with a charged up blast, he fell on his side but managed to kill the jackal. John ordered Sam to protect the bombs until we got out of the ship. Kelly started to protest but John said Sam knew what he meant then Sam showed Kelly his side and there was a hole in his suit the size of a fist. Darren lock at his suit and saw a couple of scorch marks on his armor and he thought" SHIT THIS IS BRAND FRIKKEN NEW AND I ALREADY BURNT SOME OF IT WOW!!!"but Darren's damage was no where near as severe as Sam's. Kelly didn't say anything, Darren was about to say something but Sam held his hand up and told us to go. He whispered good-bye as the doors shut. on the way out Darren said he thought he herd some thing from inside a door in the hall so he told John and Kelly to wait for as long as possible.What he saw next shocked him, an elite honor guard was about to kill the girl he fell in love with, Ellison. (even though its against regulations) that is when he learned how to use the energy sword it was when . the elite held a small blade at her face and lifts her off the ground. he sees this and it enrages him. Then he sees a deactivated energy sword next to him. He reached down and picked up the sword and when it did the sword then had indents of his fingers he was holding it so tight it turned on. The outline of the sword looked a bright red (the swords are normally blue) and he stabbed the elite through its spine right as he was about to stab her. the Elite fell to the floor. she slowly got up and walked over and hugged him. Darren told Ellison that they have to leave now. They find John and Kelly and get out just before the bombs blew up and they made it back to the commonwealth. when Darren got back the feet of his armor was scorched badly. Darren has since then have been collecting energy swords of his enemies. They both try to stay together as much as possible and eventual went to the cryotube ( Alexis was frozen with Darren to slow down her aging) next to each other and they were frozen until the 3rd group of spartan III had just gotten their armor and then they were unfrozen ( they had been unfrozen for multiple short short periods of time so they don't get freezer burn) and he had almost lost her again which made him barely speak unless it was around Ellison or if it was an order from a commanding officer, but today he starts to talk just a bit more.
His armor is white primary and red secondary

Head: Rouge
Left solder:Scout
Right shoulder: Security
Chest: EOD

RP SAMPLE: Darren slowly opened his eyes, and said " Damn this feels like 50 Friggen booster shoots" then he remembered that Jackson was about to fall off the cliff, and Darren started running toward him to keep him from falling but he was too late he had tipped too far. Jackson pulled the trigger on his DMR multiple times and several bullets made their mark and Darren fell over and watched Jackson fall off the cliff. Darren realized after he looked around he was in an infirmary back at base. He got up and grabbed his shoulder, " AWW FUCK!!!" He was still able to stand. He checked his wounds and decided he'll be out for a while. He went to find the "nurse". When the nurse looked up from her computer , she shot up and ran up to Darren and said "You shouldn't be moving, hell, you shouldn't even be awake!"

Darren said" I'm fine I'm not that 8 year old who had broken bones, so how long til i recover completely?"
The Nurse said" If you don't move a lot then your estimated time till your 100%- is about 2 months".
Darren said "wait what about Jackson?"
"He...He'll make it if hes lucky".
Darren sighed and thought to himself," I better visit Ellison and tell her I'm out for 2 months"
Now when Darren reached Ellison's room , uh......... let just say it was a long talk. she said it would suck not being out on missions with him. so later that day Ellison left on patrol.next he went to talk to his AI and informed her that he would be out for a while. Afterwords Darren sat on the edge of his bed, fell back and fell asleep for the day.
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PostSubject: Re: Darren: Spartan E107   Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:13 pm

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Darren: Spartan E107
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