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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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PostSubject: Spartan-120    Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:04 am

Name: Kenny

Service Tag: 120

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height: 6'10''

Helmet: Recon (Very Dark Gray)
Body: Recon (Very Dark Grey)
Shoulders: EVA (Very Dark Grey)
In addition: Visor can polarize from shiny gold to unreflective grey.
Arms: Primary MA37 AR SD Prototype (known as MA5D for the Navy & Marines), Secondary M7C SOCOM SMG SD, Sidearm M6C SOCOM Pistol SD/M6D Pistol

Personality: Quiet

Level/Rank: Spartan Officer/2nd Lieutenant (Grade 2)

Background: Born on Earth. By the age of 4, his parent were killed in an accident from a plasma explosion which also killed many others. Lived on his own for a year, using salvages of his own home. When he was out of supplies, he had moved out into the wild, and survived on anything he could find. One day, a woman named Dr. Halsey, spotted Kenny hunting down a wild bird for his next meal. She was impressed on how quickly but quietly he could move. Almost something like a predator. Dr. Halsey had greeted the boy and recruited him to the secret ONI Classified Spartan III project.
At the age of 5, Kenny was trained to be the next generation of Spartans. His drill intructor was Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and was also trained by the CO himself, Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose. Kenny had seen Lieutenant Commander Ambrose in his pale green MJOLNIR Mark V armor and knew he was a Spartan. He also listened in on a conversation between the LTC. and Col. Ackerson and heard the LTC.'s name. He was Spartan-051.
Kenny is a very quiet Spartan. The only times that he seems to talk are during a heavy firefight, or during conversations with his Commander. But most of the time on the battlefield, Kenny just uses hand signals. Besides the fact that he's slightly taller than most Spartans of the 3rd generation, he makes it up with his outstanding speed. Kenny was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant Grade 2 for his superb leadership on the battlefield and after the incident on planet Onyx. Kenny-120 is mostly solitary but when it comes to teamwork, he's willing to do what he has to do.

Additional Info: Squad Leader of Alpha Team Special Reconnaissance. Mostly consists of Spartans but some ODSTs managed to make the squad.

Skill Assessment: Kenny is a natural leader. Has pure luck to keep his squadmates and himself alive. Outstanding Marksman. Superb in Demolitions. And above standards of a Spartan criteria. But his most skilled experience is with stealth. Kenny-120 has performed 18 successful Deniable Ops out of 19. The last one was a failure because one of his teammates was having a suit malfunction and got spotted before they were able to make it to the objective. Kenny have performed many operations on planets Onyx, Reach, Earth, and even on many Halo rings.

Sample Post: Kenny-120 hid in a nearby bush while a Covenant patrol went by. Since his armor was nearly impossible to spot in low light conditions, he was able to blend in very well. The patrol went by. Kenny continued towards his objective using the shadows as his path. A hunter was standing near the entrance, his brother 10 meters off to the right. God Dammit . He knew he had to get through those Bipedal Tanks. He improvised his decision. When he was satisfied, he executed. Kenny lobbed a flashbang in between the menacing beasts and broke to a sprint towards the doors. The flashbang stunned the hunters and while Kenny ran past them, he turned a 45 degree angle and squeezed a few shots into the hunters' orange/brownish unprotected flesh with his M6SD.
When Kenny entered the Covenant factory. All he had to do was place a charge on the factory's main core and extract. Within 10 minutes, he made it to the core room but found a dozen of grunts snoozing near by. Keep on sleeping and I won't kill you. Well, maybe the explosion will. Kenny moved through the grunts with ease, keeping a distance just incase if he brushed one of them. It took him 40 seconds to plant the charge. All of a sudden a high pitched whine went through the enter construct. The alarm. They found the dead hunters. As the grunts woke up to the loud noise, Kenny keyed his Active Camoflage of his Semi Powered Infiltration suit and made a run for the exit.
When he reached the doors, a platoon or probably more, of a mix of Elites, Jackals, and Grunts surrounded his position. Kenny reacted with a suprising speed and launched an EMP device in the middle of the group. A few Elites and Grunts tried to fire, but their plasma weapons were jammed from the EMP. Kenny ran head on into the smallest group and shoved a few grunts aside as if they were pillows. An elite tried to bash him with his Plasma Rifle but Kenny reacted too slow and the force of the hit drained his shield to 1/3 of energy. Kenny backhanded the elite but tripped over a unconsious grunt. The elite fell backwards and landed on a jackal. Kenny got back up and ran towards the extraction zone. He had 2 platoons of Covenant on his track but he never slowed down to let them catch up.
Kenny's Active Camo must've died out because the Covenant platoons were now firing at him. A charged plasma bolt struck the right shoulder blade of his armor. He could hear and feel his SPI armor failing to stop the blow as his armor plating sizzled. The pain was agonizing. Another plasma round struck, this time from a plasma rifle. If I take a few more hits, I'm going to melt in this suit. Kenny kept running but this time in a zig-zag pattern dodging plasma fire. From his peripherals, he saw a greenish/yellow light coming down towards him. He turned his head just in time to see a blast from a Fuel Rod Gun exploding nearby. Kenny tried to dodge it but it was too late. He flew head over heels upon the impact of the blast and fell hard. He felt pain on his left mid section. Cracked ribs. He got up but fell. Kenny fired the last of his MA5D's clip. 4 grunts fell but the other rounds ricocheted of the Elites' energy shield. He holstered the AR and drew his sidearm firing at the nearest Covenant closing in on his position. 2 Jackals, 6 grunts, and 1 Elite fell but Kenny's weapon clicked empty. He was a dead man. An Elite got close and stomped his foot on Kenny's chestplate. He heard a crack his armor gave away with no shield energy left. Kenny cough as the blow took away his air. The Elite shouted at him, "How dare you enter our grounds and perform this act of yours...demon." The Elite activated his energy sword. Kenny didn't say anything and pulled out the detonator. He squeezed it. An explosion occured a second after and the Covenant looked at the destruction of their factory. The Elite looked back at Kenny and yelled again, "DIE YOU DEMON!" But before the Elite could touch Kenny with the tip of the sword and nearby machine gun fired from his 6 o'clock. The Elite had no longer have it's head and right arm as blood splattered on Kenny, and the rest of the remaining body fell lifeless. Kenny heard an engine. He looked up to see a Pelican Dropship letting loose with it's 70 millimeter nose cannon and tore the Covenant Platoons to shreds. "Spectre 1 this is Bravo 6, do you copy? Over," Kenny heard through his COMs. Kenny responded, "Bravo 6 this is Spectre 1, I copy. Good timing Bravo 6. Over." "Roger that, we heard nearby plasma fire and thought you would need some help," the Pelican pilot said through the COM channel. A squad of ODSTs hopped out the pelican and started towards Kenny. A Sergeant said to Kenny, "Jesus Christ. With all due respect, sir...you look like a big chunk of scrap metal," and helped the Spartan up. Kenny didn't respond to the comment and limped towards the Pelican as the rest of the ODSTs secured the LZ.

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PostSubject: Re: Spartan-120    Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:17 pm

You guys are the best Very Happy
I start the second reviving of this site and three people have already made bios!

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