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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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 Weapon Instruction (Type-25 DEP)

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PostSubject: Weapon Instruction (Type-25 DEP)   Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:13 pm

His men were assembled in the Meeting Room. Droa was surrounded by his closest friends. Mostly it consisted of Major and Ultra Sangheili, but there were also the Yanme'e 'leaders', the red armored ones. He was also flanked by his two loyal Mgalekgolo guards. He also spotted the Ultra Grunt group. Finally he spotted the Kig-yar leaders, both the 'Jackal' and the 'Skirmisher', as the humans called them. So that meant they were all present.

He ordered is guards to stand aside as he spoke. Like his two sons they complied. "Many of you are wondering why you have been summoned. I have summoned you because I have received disturbing reports that my men cannot operate their own weapons correctly. I do not blame them. I blame you. It was your job to train them on their weapons. I will not punish you. I will simply refresh your memory. I will instruct you on your weapons and vehicles and make sure you train your men as well."

Droa's men nodded solemnly. They knew they had made a mistake during training. "The first weapon I will train you in is the Type-25 DEP. Many of you know this is the main weapon of the lower ranks. So here are the basics."

"The Type-25 DEP is a light, but in the right hands a powerful pistol. When fired it causes major damage to anything it hits, including the demons. It has a battery limit, but it is easily rechargeable. We have been using this weapon for ages. While it is mostly used in standard mode, it can be used in a much more deadly way. You can choose to dump all energy into a single shot by holding the trigger. When fired it will deplete both shields and disable aircraft, not to mention the damage it causes. This weapon is great at close and medium ranges. Use it well against Infantry. But beware. This is not a great weapon. It overheats easily, it suffers at long range. It also is inoperable for a few seconds after using it in overcharge. This has killed many of our soldiers. Do not hold it in overcharge. It depletes the battery at a extreme rate. Finally it is difficult to recharge in battle. Remember this, train your men well, and soon our men will be the pride of the Covenant Military. Dismissed."

Droa could see his men 's expressions. They thought it was not necessary. Soon though he knew it would pay off.
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Weapon Instruction (Type-25 DEP)
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