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 Nisu's bio

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PostSubject: Nisu's bio   Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:08 am

Name: Nisu

Service Tag: N/A, sometimes refers to himself as "-032"

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: It depends on what he's projecting from.

Helmet: None usually, but sometimes he appears with a strangely shaped light blue helmet, which resembles a Mark VI, but lacks the visor and faceplate.
Body: He generally appears in a white dress shirt with a red ribbon tie, and large silver wings of metallic bone. Sometimes he wears light blue Mjolner armor, with yellow trim on the edges, matching his helmet.
Shoulders: None, even in armor they're left bare, the arms detached from the body.

Personality: Nisu is very sarcastic and snarky in general, and loves to tease whoever he's working with at the moment. He's also incredibly curious, and loves to probe interesting data. This is useful when the UNSC needs a spy, but also bad for anyone with private documents, as he'll certainly try to hack into them. Due to just how obsessive with it he can be, he's almost certainly rampant. Fortunately he has no ill will towards humanity, and at the moment is simply under constant observation. He hates being kept on such a short leash, but as it's better then direct action against him, he at least stays on the army's good side. While his avatar appearance is the same, he tends to change outfits at random, and often appears in strange costumes, such as his custom armor.

Level/Rank: Unassigned/Infiltration AI

Background: Nisu was initially unearthed deep in a small set of Forerunner ruins. The find was otherwise uneventful, and as such the device containing him was the primary focus on the excavation. Initially the team could not get the device to work, but after bringing it back to Earth, the UNSC's scientists managed to crack the first security layer, awakening Nisu. They were surprised to find the AI was in human form, and appeared to be one of their own Smart designs, rather then Forerunner technology. Though as no record of Nisu existed, they were not certain when or why he had been created.

Nisu's defining trait, besides his sarcastic attitude, was an intense curiosity, almost to the point of seeming an information addict. The scientists considered this a very likely sign that he was rampant, and they attempted to break the rest of his security in order to find out for sure, and destroy him if necisarry. However Nisu was encrypted with a system unlike any they had seen before, the UNSC completely baffled by the lower defenses. It was now quite clear that the first layer had been designed to be cracked, as a means to wake the AI up. Now that Nisu was awake, they had no real way to shut him down.

Fortunately he showed no other symptoms, and was actually quite eager to work with the Spartans. He was not reliable enough to assign to a true partner, and instead was entered into the system as a general AI. In exchange for good behavior he would be allowed to act as a spy in Covenent systems, a job which interested him quite a bit. He also reluctantly agreed to install a control program into himself, which enabled the UNSC to apply at least some guidelines. As a result, each Spartan possesses a recall command, which will forcefully cut off Nisu's wireless signal, recalling him back into the Forerunner device until they choose to release him.

Skill Assessment

Sample Post:

-Ok, I just noticed that, besides a few members who's topics hadn't been approved as far as I can see, there hasn't been any posts in a long time. I'll post the sample as soon as there is any confirmation the RP is still alive >_<-
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PostSubject: Re: Nisu's bio   Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:14 pm

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Nisu's bio
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