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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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 Ivgot' Kornunmee

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Ivgot' Kornunmee
Ivgot' Kornunmee

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PostSubject: Ivgot' Kornunmee   Ivgot' Kornunmee I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 12:10 am

Name: Ivgot’ Kornunmee

Gender: Female

Height: 1.6 Meters (Considered Dwarfism)

Weapon of Choice: Her attitude, though she keeps plasma knives about her belt at times.

Method of Combat: Not really much for combat really. Ivgot seems to have had a tad more of peace in her blood than war. Though her peace is made up with Imma’s anger against nearly everything.

Personality: Not quiet, but not outgoing. Likes to ride on Imma's back.

Level/Rank: N/A More of a secretary than anything.

Background: Ivgot was born unto a rather normal family. She and her twin brother Chegot’ were raised away from war life, and knew the means of farming for the markets around town in sanghelios.
Met her only really -close- friend Imma while transporting a shipment to a ship for the war. She had run into him, dropping her shipment crate, and nearly running into his codpiece. They bonded near instantly after she helped him out after the battle with some more personal affairs. She now tags along with him whenever she can, and enjoys riding on his back.

RP sample:

The night was dark, and the air was cold.
There were shadows on the walls, and the long trek home was horrendous.
She wished that Imma was nearby, but he was long gone, on a mission to kill Master Chief, and if she were to tag along, she’d end up dead for sure.

She watched as other merchants packed up their things, and followed the trails of lamp-posts out of the market area to their Keeps.

It would only be a matter of time before Imma completed his mission, and they could be together again.
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Ivgot' Kornunmee
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