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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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 How do i play:?: (the rpg)

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PostSubject: How do i play:?: (the rpg)   Sat May 19, 2012 2:08 pm

I was just wondering how do play on the rpg.If u do awnser me plz Surprised sunny
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PostSubject: hmmm..   Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:05 pm

I dont know at all. i just joined
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PostSubject: Re: How do i play:?: (the rpg)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:54 pm

This site is pretty much dead. The admins haven't logged on in over a year. But if you go to chat there seem to be three guys that want to start thier own site. But I have yet to bear back from them. So you could try to contact one of them by email or something. But as to posts it looks like everything is in third person so when and if you post try to avoid using words like me or I unless your charecter is talking. So a post would look and sound like this. Name:

(This is my post for creating my charecter in a diffrent section of this site.)

Sample Post:
The sound of gunfire, plasma discharges and explosions resounded off the walls of the buildings. Wyatt and two squads of marines had pinned down a squad of grunts and an elite. Both forces were using turned over cars as cover. A marine turned to Wyatt and said "Sir we are getting no where fast they can stay there long enough for renforcements. If that happens we will be over run in minutes. What should we do?" The CO had been killed by a needler bolt to the head and now every marine there was looking at the Spartan that had come to thier aid for leadership.
"Just keep them pinned and I will try to cut through that parking structre over there and flank them. Send a group of three marines one sniper, a spotter and one to watch the stairs on top of that office building over there. Tell them to scan the roof tops first for enemy snipers then take out as many Covenante troops as possible. If thier renforcements get here before we can dispatch them fall back and regroup with any other squads in the area. Understood?" "Sir yes sir!" replied the marine as Wyatt grabbed his Battle rifle, shotgun and two frag grenades. "Covering fire on my mark!" Wyatt yelled "Mark!" All of the marines popped up and began a stream of supressing fire. As the grunts and the elite ducked behind cover Wyatt bolted for the parking structre. When Wyatt reached his destination he began to sneak along the right side of the structure trying to stay in the shadows. Then he noticed a red blip on his radar 300 yards to his left. The elite must have had the same idea because he was walking towards his squads. Wyatt waited until the elite's back was to him that's when he pounced. Wyatt quickly pulled out his combat knife and drove it under the alien's mandables gave it a twist then pulled out. The elite grabbed at it's throat and fell to it's knees as blood squirted out from the baseball sized hole in it's neck. Struggling to stay alive it turned around on it's knees only to see Wyatt's raised blade coming down onto it's head. With the final blow delt Wyatt searched the body and found three plasma grenades. Wyatt was about to get to the corner where he could easily take cover and dispatch the remaining grunts he saw two more red blips on his radar this time on his left behind a rolloing garage door. There was a loud 'Bang!' Few more seconds passed then came the second bang. Wyatt moved over to a car near the door, shotgun ready as he waited for the aliens behind the door. On the third bang the garge door flew off and onto the ground and in stepped a pair of Hunters. Wyatt had been watching the two hunters as they made thier way to the front of the car he was behind.
Wyatt jumped out from behind cover and blasted the nearest Hunter in it's unprotected mid section. The Hunter he shot in the chest turtled up behind it's shield as did it's mate. Wyatt ran around the pair and made his way over to the opening in the building that had a clear view of the cars the remaining grunts were using for cover. The unharmed hunter uncovered and fired it's assalut cannon. Wyatt quickly rolled out of the way. The plasma charge passed right by hitting the cars behind him killing a few grunts and leaveing the rest unprotected and easy targets for the sniper on the roof top. Wyatt noticed that his shotgun had made a hole in the chest of the Hutner he shot he planned to use this to his advantage. Wyatt ran out into the open area where just a few seconds ago a squad of grunts stood. The hunters followed him out. The one Wyatt shot uncovered and fired. This time Wyatt rolled at and angle towards and away from the plasma dischagre. He rolled inside the hunters guard stuck two plasma grenades into the gapping hole in it's chest. Then climbed up the hunters body and jumped off it's head and landed behind it. The grenades exploded into blue flames splattering orange blood everywhere the first hunter fell back dead. The second Hunter became enraged and charged at Wyatt shield raised in the air. Wyatt jumped out of the way just as the shield came down right where he had been standing crushing the concrete with sheer force. The hunter turned and began another charge at Wyatt but halted as he was met by gunfire from the marines. It turned towards them assalut cannon charging. "Nooo!" Wyatt yelled as he ran towards the hunter. Wyatt slammed into the alien's back thorwing it to the ground. When the hunter lurked forward it's weapon discharged firing it's lethal round harmlessly into the air. Wyatt stood over the hutner and unloaded a clip from his battle rifle into the hunter's unprotected back side. The thing rolled over backhanding Wyatt with it's shield. Wyatt crashed through the wall of the parking struture wrecking an entire car on his way which helped break his impact. The Hunter smashed through the wall after him. It crushed the car Wyatt had wrecked gas and oil flew through the air. Wyatt got up with all his strength his battered muscles could muster and flung himself out of the hunter's path just seconds before the 10,500 pound alien crashed through the other wall. Wyatt looked around for his guns but they were outside and all he had on him were a few frag grenades and one plasma grenade. 'Well this sucks.' Wyatt thought as the hunter clambered back into the parking structure. 'What am I gonna do now that I have no gun?" Wyatt noticed the fumes coming off the hunter and the floor of the parking structure. The it occured to him the hunter was covered in gas. Wyatt grabbed his last plasma grenade cocked his arm back and threw it. The hunter turtled up and the plasma grenade bounced off it's shield. When it went off the grenade lite the hunter on fire and most of the floor as well. The hunter fell face flat on the ground as it burned alive. After his victory over the hunters Wyatt was promoted from the rank of corpral to Sergent Major for his heroic actions and leadership.
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PostSubject: Re: How do i play:?: (the rpg)   

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How do i play:?: (the rpg)
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