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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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 Trasee Vadamee

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PostSubject: Trasee Vadamee   Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:52 pm

Name: Trasee Vadamee

Gender: Male

Height: 8'0

Weapon of Choice: Favorite Needle Rifle, Energy sword

Method of Combat: Tactical/Brute Force At Times

Personality: Proud

Level/Rank: Ultra

Extract from marines audio log:
Insane! It Came at us like it was possessed! Since the Spartan had been killed by the Wraith shot, We knew we were fucked! It swung that energy thing at Joe. Poor poor Joe! He didn't deserve it! It cut Through him like a scythe! I ran! What else could i do. I should have done something! now, I'm all that's left... Sarah, i love you
<<Background noise>> Magnum shot
end log

Proud, Vicious and cruel. From a young age trained to kill. Like most elites he was taken in to a dormentry to learn the ways of the sanghelli, unlike most elites he was older when he was taken in (7) his father trained him before hand. A great tactition who has beaten many unsc. His skill is only exceeded by his ego.
In one of his most recent battles he destroyed a research base and slaughtered many people... guilty of crimes or otherwise. Every where he decides to destroy usually ends up smouldering... but has his streak finialy run out?

Battle account from Spartan-With Held

It came at a high speed in the ghost. The elite intended to ram me. however i engaged armour lock and it blew to kingdom come it flew foreward. i thought he was dead. I turned my back. Big mistake. It shoulder barged me to the floor. it drew his energy dagger and was going to plunge it into my neck. i thought it was over had a burst of fire not come from a passing warthog i would be. He lost balance and i kicked it back. I barged it with my whole body wheight. It flew over a cliff edge. I don't know if it lived

Skill assessment.

"So this is it" he thought" They come for me at last", the footsteps drew closer,"Lets make this a death ripe with honour" The footsteps were close. Then everything fell deadly silent. he heard a small cough followed by someone saying
"Shh it'll hear us"
slowly he checked his ammo, 17 needle rifle shots, his swords charge low his left wrist mounted energy blade damaged.
"They don't stand a chance" He thought to himself.He drew his sword, he roared and burst out from behind the crate swinging it instinctively. Luckly one was right next to him allowing him to slice him up, unluckly however, the other two were over 30 feet away. Trasee saw this and, in anger at his luck let out a hollow and threw the plasma grenade. it landed on the women and she started to panic
"Help Get it off! Get it...!" It exploded burning her horribly.
"CINDY!" Shouted the man next to her "YOU MONSTER!" Drawing a knife he charged at Trasee. The Marine Drove the dagger towards Trasee's neck. Trasee Threw down his now useless uncharged sword and grabbed the marine flipping him over Trasee's head and pinning him to the ground, They wrestled for the knife. Trasee turned it round snapping the marines hand and drove it into the marine,Whose red blood leaked over his dark skin.

He stood letting out a roar! He didn't hear the footsteps. Suddenly a force weighed him down. The sergeant of the marines squad was clinging to him hitting him on his head. Trasee threw himself backwards his weight snapping the marines spine. Death was instantness. Trasee stood and began a tiring march back to the citidal
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Trasee Vadamee
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