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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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 York (New character)

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PostSubject: York (New character)   Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:59 am

Name: York

A.I.: Nordata

Service Tag: 777

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 7' 1"

Colour: Gold

Personality: Thoughtful

Level/Rank: Graduate


York graduated from training with excellent scores except for one thing - he tended to overdo it on the training floor. He was held back several times due to breaking another recruit's foot, another time, one's shoulder. York is highly trained in explosives but also enjoys sneaking up and doing melee. There is nothing known about him before he joined the UNSC.


(Sorry I used to be 'the Meta', but my name is York, ignore the name in the example)

"Hunters. Hate 'em..."
The Meta crouched behind a rock as hunter-killers fired around him. He was out of grenades and had only his energy sword, so it was a tough situation. He waited until just after a green bolt went by before leaping out and hurling his sword. It struck the closest straight through the chest, dropping it. The remaining hunter began to charge Meta, but luckily, The Meta was a bit more agile than the large beast. The hunter leaped forward to strike Meta with his cannon, but Meta ducked and rolled underneath of the attack and ran for his sword. The Hunter pivoted and fired, but his first shot went wild. By the time his second one was in the air, The Meta had dodged away with his sword. The hunter then decided to close in once again - foolishly. Meta let himself be knocked to the ground with the hunter's first blow, but as a second spine-crushing smash came down, Meta rolled aside, sliced the gun in half as it struck the ground, and stabbed the sword up into the hunter. The hunter swayed for a moment, but then toppled over onto The Meta, deceased. Meta just then was aware of how much these aliens weighed.
"Son of a bitch."
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York (New character)
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