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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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Armor: Spartan - E.V.A
Weapon: UNSC - Assualt Rifle
Enemy: Covenant

PostSubject: Israel-C472.   Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:42 am

Gender: Male


Colour:Black(skin) Purple (armour)

Personality:Fast, Stealthy and Raged


Background:Israel was born in Edrianuis II, him, his brother and sister joined Tactical Combat Troops to stop the war going on. The base had been blown up so they transfered to UNSC. In a training Facility, elites had tried attack but thanks to Israel he defend the attack. The trainer had told other hosts of a training facility to shut down because the Covenant doesn't wan't many threats that it has. Israel was sent to detonate a bomb crisis in an unknown place on Halo. Israel had got 6 successful missions and got promoted to a Sergeant and then graduated to a UNSC Officer.

Skill Assessment

Sample Post: (Mine. From a Dif RPG)
Nekumaru is on a helicopter on their way near Brazil. Nekumaru is talking to his teamates. "So the school sucked, I ain't coming back." said Nekumaru. "You have to stay there for a year until we find out until we find the five targets." said Tom. "Omega 1, the 5 targets you mean?" said Mark. "Yes, Five targets in your school must be found, Crusrtov Kilga, Demolition's expert in your school, this may mean, it might blow." replied Tom. "So target one must be taken out."said Nekumaru. "Why are we here then?" said Phillip. "I got intel about Crusrtov that he was hiding here." said Mark. The helicopter had landed on a beach. "Let's hope your intel person was right." said Nekumaru. "Wrong? It's never wrong for me." replied Mark. They all got out the helicopter, it then turned the other way and went back. A few Brazillian militia had appeared from the beach and started shooting at them. Nekumaru got his FAL and began shooting. "Take cover!" shouted Tom. Nekumaru threw a C4 at rock 39 millimeters far away from him, he then had detonated it. Killing seven people in a row. "Let's move up." said Mark. The whole team started moving up, there was an injured soldier and Nekumaru had ran through him. They all left the beach and went up to the town.

The team kept running through the town, Nekumaru switched his weapon to a AK47. Mark and Nekumaru ran into a large shed. "Mark, we need to finish this." said Nekumaru. "Neku, we still have our Air Support."said Mark. They both get out the large shed and look at Tom and Phillip shooting more militia. "Tom, do you copy?" said Mark. "Yes Omega 3, what is it?" said Tom. "We're gonna make a flank route to that mountain to your right." said Mark. So, Nekumaru and Mark both moved outside the shed and went to the mountain. Nekumaru throws a grenade knocking an explosive barrel making it roll and killing the soldiers firing at Phillip and Tom. Mark and Nekumaru run down the mountain and re-group with Tom and Phillip. "Where is the Air Support?" asked Tom. "I don't know." replied Mark. "They better come soon, we have militia ambush!" shouted Phillip. The militia set up an ambush to hunt them and interrogate them, Nekumaru never wanted that. A bang came down, destroying the ambush. "We are here, sorry for the long wait, continue with your mission." said the pilot.

The team keep on running, on 4 of the streets there is ambush attacks. "We need Air Assistance!" shouted Tom to the pilot. The Air Support gets destroyed by an AT4 rocket launcher. The pilot is seen falling of and then he picks out his grenade, then cooks for 5 seconds and throws it at a militia soldier trying to run. The pilot runs back to the beach. "I'll call a Dropship!"shouted the pilot running. "What should we do?" asked Phillip. "Go Destiny's way then." answered Nekumaru. "Nekumaru's got a point, we'll split up." said Mark. They all split up, Tom takes the straight road, Mark takes the one near the straight road, Phillip takes the blue road, and Nekumaru takes the road near Mark. Nekumaru starts running and picks out his FAL and starts shooting 5 soldiers. "Damn, need ammo." said Nekumaru. He walked up to a dead militia soldier and picked up it's AK-47. Nekumaru started shooting and a militia soldier came and the Nekumaru shot him and put a C4 on the tank and started running and detonated the C4. A loud explosion came, Nekumaru still running saw a tent.

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