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 Mission on planet Skopje

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Sangheili Arlunis
Sangheili Arlunis

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PostSubject: Mission on planet Skopje   Mission on planet Skopje I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2011 10:52 am

[This topic is meant to be in the War Area section, but it is not available]

The space was full of fire. Explosions riddled the entire surface of the planet, Skopje. The humans were fighting hard. They seemed quite determined. "Sri Jumbak, set us down to the less vulnerable jungle to the West. We will send out a wave of Unggoy and Kig-yar snipers, like the rest of the fleet" I said to my main pilot. "Yes, sir. Lowering the ship away from main conflict for suprise bonus on the humans. Shall I alert the fleet commander of our descent?" he then responded, turning around, puzzled of what the commander response what be. "Actually, I'll be the one to alert him. Carry on with the mission, pilot." He turned back to the controls, and the ship lowered down from the fleet, towards the jungle down on the surface. The ship made a low, vibrating humming sound as it came through the relatively thick atmoshere.

The dense amunt of foliage was staggering; nothing but trees and more trees. The ground could not be seen for miles across. Up ahead, a massive canyon layed out with the top of structures around to the side. No one had seen us, and that was very fortunate, otherwise, we could have been in a serious predicament.As the ship crahed through some foliage upon landing, the bottom hatch lowered out to a slight clearing after the canopy had been breached. the sunlight setting down below showed little more than a dew roots and some wide, yet shallow, puddles on the ground.

The Unggoy were hesitant at first, but after the Major Unggoy stepped below with a wet jump into a puddle of mud, the rest quicly followed. Aparrantly the Unggoy liked the feel of mud on their feet, and acted like a bunch of kids. However, when the Kig-yar snipers came down, they then suddenly dissengaged with their plyful behavior. "Knock it off, we got a mission to carry out", one of them said. The snipers then headed out direcly towards the canyon for a high, recommended spot on the narrow passeages.The Unggoy then followed persuit in a slower, less determined motion, more interested in the massive canopy shrouding their vision up above. The Kig-yar seemed in their true elemant, as they navigated through the thick greenery like pros.

It was then the Jiralhanae's turn. With a mean gameface, they were ready for battle. Heck, they were BORN ready. Perhaps that's why they were always so impatient whenever they heard new orders of an upcoming battle, so that they could pound sombodies face in, besides the Unggoy. The Jiralhanae went through the underbrush with a heavy war cry resonating through the canopy of the jungle. Suprising that the human's didn't hear it. Now it was the Sangheilis troops time to rumble. But they weren't going in there all by themselves. Of course, as alaways, I like to get into the action as well. "I'll need my battle weapons. Can someone get me my armor as well?" I asked through the control room. My relief captain came over to me and said "I'll take care of the cruiser. We'll offer any arial asistance you may require before we head back into space." "Thank you, Ristelee Urgestun. I trust you with the ship in your hands until we signal you" I said back to him as I left the control area. One of the attendants, another sangheili, came with a plasma rifle and a carbine. Appreciating it, I thanked him and prepared them as I contiuoed down the ship.I went out of the room, downstairs, to where my armor was. Amongst the others' armor of my race, mine was near the front. Grabbing it, I buckled it on and cocked the carbine in my right hand.

As I left the vessel, I looked back at the ship and signaled to them to ascend out of the atmoshere. Approaching my Sangheili troops, I told them "Ok, move out. We'll get around the canyon after the Unggoy and Jiralhanae have acted their part." As we went through the jungle, the canopy blocked all light overhead, and the trees almost looked like a barrier in front of us. However, as we got closer, it began to break up and a brief view of the tall, skyward canyon was seen. Eventually, the jungle finally let up into a smaller forest on a grassland. Even though it would have spread out for hundreds of miles, we quickly cut to the canyon walls. Climbing up a steap slope, I told my men "Steady, steady, we don't need any accidents here." We got to a narrow pathway where, up ahead, we saw the Kig-yar snipers taking position. We were already closer than I thought. One of them fired, and a small thud was heard seconds later. Sounds like a hit. A damn good hit. We got around him as he didn't even bother to look up, too busy in sniping the little humans with ease. He seemed to enjoy it a lot. Perhaps too much. As I got to the clearing of the canyon that lead downwards to the settlement of the humans, One of the Sangheili minors said behind me "That's alot of them down there. Their really trying in this battle." He then looked at the others around him, and then said "Too bad it's going to be disastrous for them in the end." The others laughed in throaty voices, mocking the humans, but I was preoccupied in seeing a clearing for where we could attack. "Time to fight. Get over there and show them real superiority! I'll take out the first ones" I said to them as a short spark of moral and direction. Sliding down, me and my men rushed over and opened fire and a small tower full of UNSC marines defending the base. They quickly looked over but it was too late. One fire from my plasma rifle went through a marine's chest and he landed off the building. The Unggoy troops to the far side at the right fired in unison at the marines, dealing large blows. The other marines near us hided in the building, and I signaled to one the Sangheili troops to get in there and kill them. Another one of the troops and I went ahead and blasted through a door leading to a control room. Throwing a plasma grenade, it completrly exploded. Heading out, I fired at a marine shooting at us. I ducked down, then quickly got up and blasted his head with the carbine. Very bloody indeed.

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Mission on planet Skopje
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