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 Leave aboard HighCharity

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PostSubject: Leave aboard HighCharity   Leave aboard HighCharity I_icon_minitimeSun May 15, 2011 6:36 pm

Droa had decided it was time that he and his army needed a well deserved shore leave. So he announced to his crew that they would be returning to the Holy City of High Charity. At the sound of this, the entire crew cheered in approval. As Droa sat in his Room cleaning his weapons, Amda came into the room. "Hello Amda. Is there anything I can do for you?" Both were in full combat armor, but they also knew there was no need for it, so a certain awkwardness persisted in the air. "Droa, have you ever been to a dance before?" Droa sat dumbfounded. He had never been to any kind of dance, or for that matter had never danced in his life. "No, I have not. Why do you ask?" She sat down next to him, on his bed. "Well, there is a very nice club on High Charity that I thought we could visit. You know, some time away from combat and the crew." Droa smiled at this. Amda had always been asking for him to go to a nice party or club with him, but they never had the time for it. This time though, they had the perfect opportunity. "Of course I will go. But I must warn you, I do not know how to dance." Amda laughed at this notion. "Thats fine, Droa. I will teach you. Besides, you should see how all the races blend in one area outside of combat. It is very interesting." "Very well, my dear. Go to sleep, and I will let you know when we arrive on High Charity." She stood up and walked over to Droa's work area. "Alright, Droa. I will see you when we get there." She then kissed Droa on his helmet, and left his room. Droa smiled to himself. "I really deserve this.", he thought to himself. He packed his Plasma Repeater he was cleaning into his Locker, and proceeded to the bridge. When he got there, Croh was waiting for him. "Droa, I hear Amda came into your room. Had another 'training lesson', huh?" Both the Sangheili laughed at the code word. Croh and Droa were best friends since Droa had saved Croh's life back on New Constantinople. And of course, Croh had figured out what Amda and Droa were up to, but they knew to keep it secret. While most of the crew did know about it, they could no let it leak out of the 'Light of Honor', as fraternization within the crew was illegal. "No, we only talked. She wants me to go with her to a club on High Charity when we get there. And the problem is I have never been to one." Croh had a sort of confused and stunned look on his face. "A club huh? I didn't even know you to be the dancing type, Droa. You think its a good idea to go?" "Why not? I need a break, and I should see the more interesting parts of High Charity. I'm tired of the whole 'Holy City' veil it has." Both the Sangheili stared at the screens, showing the vastness of Slipspace. "You know Droa, you must be the luckiest Sangheili in existence. You are a General and a Captain of a mighty Assault Carrier, you have a loyal and dedicated crew, and you have a great girlfriend. Now if only we did not have this stupid war." "Your right Croh, I am lucky. But I also have a great Executive Officer, and a great best friend." The Sangheili thought over their history aboard the ship. "Well, Ill let you know when we arrive, General Falumee." "Very well, see you later." Droa returned to his room, took off his armor and body suit, and went to sleep.

About 9 hours later, a Major Unggoy knocked on Droa's door. Droa got up, put o a robe, and answered. "General, we have arrived at High Charity and we are currently docking with them now." Droa smiled and thanked the Unggoy. When he heard the door seal shut behind him, he put on his armor, and prepared for the welcome party. As soon as they had fully docked with the station, Droa and his Officers went to meet the 'Welcome Party', as they came to be known. Essentially, it was a Minor Prophet from the Ministry of Tranquility, whose job it was to question Droa for his reason of taking leave and why he visited the Holy City.Accompanying him were two Sangheili Honor Guards, both of whom stood at attention when they saw General Falumee. The Minor Prophet, who looked almost like a toy with his Anti-Gravity belt, walked up to the Commanding Crew of the 'Light of Honor'. "General Falumee. It is good to see one of our most successful Generals here." He then examined his Officers, and spotted Amda. "Ah, a female! Now there is something you don't see everyday! And such a pretty one too." Amda looked like she was deciding to thank him or throw him into the nearest bulkhead. "So, General, you wish to take leave. May I ask why?" "Sir, it has been about 6 months of non-stop combat for us. I think the strain on my men has been enough. They need to take a break. And besides, many of them have never been to the Holy City." The Minor Prophet looked at the ship, then at Droa. "Very well. Enjoy your stay here on High Charity." He then walked off, with the two Honor Guards close behind him. Suddenly, one of the guards turned around and ran up to Droa. "General Falumee, I have heard of your many deeds on the battlefield, and I just wanted to say I am very proud to be able to serve with you." He then ran off to join his comrade, who looked at him like a dad to a son that had just embarrassed him. Xtan then let out the remark "Wow, a celebrity even on High Charity." Droa ignored him, and they all went their separate ways. Many went to visit landmarks, some went to see family. Droa and Amda went to the club, in one of the many urban districts. As they were walking, she grabbed his hand. Droa thought it was cute, and held hers in turn.

Droa and Amda finally arrived at the club in a civilian transport. The place was much larger than Droa had imagined, and the noise coming from it made Droa uneasy. Amda through, was as happy as could be. She was constantly smiling. She was with her lover, and they were going on what she considered a date. She kept pulling on his arm, trying to drag him inside. They then arrived at the entrance, and standing guard were two Mgalekgolo guards with a Sangheili as their leader. "Name.", the guard said bluntly. "General Droa Falumee and Amda Sesumee." The guard suddenly had a more excited look on his face. "Let them pass boys. They are fine." Droa and Amda then walked inside. As they steeped in the main hall, music poured into Droa's ear. He at first found it uneasy, but then he gradually let the beat absorb him. He then examined his surroundings. All the species were here, in this one building. There were Sangheili, Unggoy, Kig-yar, Yanm'e, Jiralhanae, and even Huragok. It was like a melting pot for all Covenant races. Amda the tugged on Droa, and asked him to dance. There they both started to dance. "No, no, like this." She would say when he messed up. Soon though Droa got the hang of it. And the the magic began between the two. There was no need for words. Their love for each other was being relayed in their motions. After about one hour, Amda and Droa were tired, and so they sat down at a table. They breathed heavily, and Amda said, "Here, I'll go get us some drinks." She then got up and walked over to the bar. As there was a long line, Droa knew it would take forever for her to get back. So Droa thought to himself "Croh was right. I am the luckiest Sangheili ever." Then he heard a voice. A voice he swore to himself he wold never want to hear. Not after all it had put him through. "Droa? Is that you?" It was Hera, Droa's former wife.

Droa stood in disbelief. He had not seen Hera since he had stormed the Refal state and confronted her and her lover. That night did not go well for her. Droa killed her lover, and caste her out and branded her an 'Untouchable', essentially killing her chance of living on Sangheilios. So she fled to High Charity, and started anew. Droa did not know what she did, but apparently she became pretty wealthy. Not like it mattered to Droa, he simply did not want to ever to see her again. And yet here she was. "What are you doing here, Droa?", she asked. "I'm here on shore leave.", he said coldly. "Yes, but in a club? Men wither go here to meet women or with a women? Which is it?" "I don't thin that is any of your concern." "Well, I think it is." Then Amda returned with the drinks. "Droa, I'm...." She then saw Hera. "What are you doing here?", she said. "I'm here to meet someone.", said Hera in a confident voice. "Wait, are YOU two dating?" Amda then became hostile. "And if we were? I really don't see how that is any of your damn concern." Droa then stepped in. "Hera, I told you I never wanted to see you again. Why are you bugging me?" "Because I can damn well please. Besides, don't act like your sad to see the former love of your life." Amda then snickered at that statement. "What the hell is so funny, Amda?" "Please, if only you knew your husband better, Hera." "I know him better then you you ever will, assassin." Amda snared at her. "Did he ever tell you you were not the first love of his life? I bet not. I was. Droa and I loved each other from childhood. But we never married because I went on to a different assignment. You were simply there before me." Hera then slapped Amda. Amda asked Droa in a cold voice. "Permission to kill, sir" "Granted." But before she could attack, Hera drew a Plasma Pistol and aimed it at Amda. "I carry one for self defense. Sorry Amda, but your little affair with Droa is over." Suddenly, there was the sound of a charge handle, and Droa saw a Plasma Rifle being aimed at the back of Hera's skull. "I suggest you leave, before you become food for the Unggoy and Kig-yar." It was Croh Tenemee! He arrived just in time. Hera put her weapon away, and simply walked out. "Thanks Croh." said Droa. "No problem at all, Commander.You two enjoy the rest of your date. Droa smiled, took Amda's hand, and took her back out on the dance floor. There the danced for the rest of the night. "Yep, this will be a great leave time.", thought Droa.

OOC: Please Comment! This is a good piece, but I want feedback
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Leave aboard HighCharity
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