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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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 johns character sheet thing

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PostSubject: johns character sheet thing   Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:31 pm

Name:[/b] john

Service Tag: 357

Age: 21

Gender: male

Height: 6 foot 2

Colour: tan scout armor

Personality: kind, will help when ever needed.

Level/Rank: graduate

Background: was found when only 5 years old, bashing the heck out of a grunt w/ the grunts gun, which was out of ammo. has been training ever sense.

Skill Assessment

Sample Post: i as running towards the pelican, when i heard "GET DOWN!" and looked over, and saw my commander blown to bits by the banshees' overhead, and then my pelican was in peices in front of me. i pulled out my sniper and got a good ten elites before i felt a pain in my left shuolder that made me scream out in pain. i yanked out the spike, and my arm went limp. i saw an energy sword, and dove to pick it up, when i saw a shadow, and i was being held by an elite. but the surprised look on his ugly face made me almoste smile. he droped me, and fell over, the energy sword still stuck in his stomach.

i saw the remains of the pelican, and dove in side, "good", i said to myself,"im safe, for now".
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johns character sheet thing
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