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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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 New character 665 reporting

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PostSubject: New character 665 reporting   New character 665 reporting I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 26, 2011 9:17 am

Name: Luke

Service Tag: 665



Height: 7'8"

Color: Subdued green with blue tiger stripes

Personality: Quiet

Level/Rank: Graduate? (Lowest) UNSC Spartan? (Middle) Spartan Officer (Highest so far. . .)

Background: What is your character's History? Be detailed, two paragraphs at the least.
"Demon Ha ha, that's what they call me, the Elites that is, well maybe, if I had been the next in line that is. That honor went to my friend Damond. (If someone has all ready taken that number opps.) Although in truth, maybe, the marines see me as some sort of an angel hoping that I can get them to safety, that means I need to be a demon, someone that gives the covies nightmares, nightmares of spartans, of humans. Oh I've seen it all, I fought at harvest under Admiral Cole, I've even seen a marine ready to take her own life, she was captured by some Brutes and (Censored).

Sample Post: RP sample, give me your best shot (three paragraphs ain't gunna kill huh?)
This was from a Chromehounds RPG that I was in.

"Let's see here, Ammo wait oh never mind different hound, ammo check, fuel check, all switches green, and radio on" I listen to tac-net messages and look around. "Why not just shoot the bridge out while they are on it or do we need that bridge?" I stumble a bit while getting out. "hff just like riding a bike"
I'm moving east when I see the first defender come into view. I pause briefly to let my sniper canons bark hoping to catch it in the legs. "Here they come. I'll try to cripple 'em, Xianzhi, if go for the cockpit"
As my sniper cannon recycles, I switch over to my rifles. Still heading east I slow down to make a turn south to keep my self at long range. "what, crap those weren't sabers." and let loose a volley from the rifles at his legs hopping for another cockpit shot.
I check my sniper canon, it just needs a few more seconds. I spend them paused sighting in for another shot. The light signaling that they were reloaded blinked once and I squeezed the trigger lined up squarely on the cockpit of the defender that I had been shooting at. As soon as the canon bucks I sprint in a south west direction.
I watch as the heavy gunner lets off a volley long enough to make sure the salvo wasn't coming towards me. "Incoming artillery" I call out. I double back moving north east. I again set my sights on the first defender. And click, click, "What the, crap" I switch over to my rifles, the gun-camera switches but it is enough to mess with my aim as I let off a volley from the rifles. I take a couple of breaths to recenter my self. (After the others post)
I'm still moving after the calming breath. I look at my sniper cannons, "good their charged" I stop to line up a shot on the defender. I gently pull the trigger and feel the kick of the cannons . I start moving in an easterly direction. "Keep moving don't let them range in on you"(more posts from others)
I watched as the generator is ripped from the hound, then every thing goes black, "So this it how I die strange I thought it would be more painful." the thought passes through my mind faster than I could blink as the pod opens letting in harsh light I squint and cover my eyes as they adjust. I look around and see the others climbing out. "Who, what when and where?" then more brightly "Can I try that again? That was neat."
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New character 665 reporting
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