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Train as a Spartan or Elite and become a hero or a villain. Your base is being destroyed by the enemy. You must train to become strong and a reliable killer.
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 Aranu the Elite

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PostSubject: Aranu the Elite   Aranu the Elite I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 17, 2011 6:42 pm

Name: Aranu
Gender: Male
height: 2.5 meters
wepon of choice: low rank wepon- plasma repeater, high rank wepon- energy sword
method of combat: winging it
personality: keeps to himself speaks when needed
rank: low rank- elite ultra
age 25 (human years)
armor style: black, ascetic

age 0-5: Aranu was born into a small and poor family growing up he went to school like any other elite child unlike the humans they were taken to school at the age of three and would stay there until the age of sixteen Aranu went through the basics teaching of the elites in his early years such as speech, math, and science there school was an academy so he was taken away from his home and parents but made freinds with others from the academy.

age 5-10: Aranu began learning about the teachings of the covanent around the age of six he began learning english a completley new language and began to have much more advanced studies he learned about space ships and structures he and his class mates went through certain tests to run such devices as well as learning how to drive many diffrent vehicals he learned mostly about religion about the four-runners and their incredible power and very religious artifacts that were scatterd around the universe that would bring the elites closer to their gods and that if they followed the proghets they would go on a great journey through elightment.

age 10-15: Once Aranu was around the age of eleven he began learning about diffrent wepons and armor types however he was trained to use much more advance armor he was told he couldn't use it for he was to low of a rank given to him from his birth parents and only through service and honer could he achive a higher rank among his fellow elites he was taught about the great war between the humans and the covanent he was told of the diffrent species that made up the covenant with the grunts and jakels doing all the work so that the elites could focus more on the battle at hand he also learned about the hunters the vile brutes and the holy proghets who he was to serve he was told that the humans were false replicas of thier gods and must be destroyed and about the halo rings wonderfull creations given to the holy by the four-runners and how the humans wanted to destory it he trained to become a great solider nearing the end of his academy teachings.

age 15-20: after his academy years was done he was drafted into the covenany army were he focused more on using the wepons that his rank would allow him to use and went through many diffrent battle simulations he was also told about so called demods also known as spartens by the humans who were much greater threats to the covenant then just soliders it was also at this time he found out about the flood and how the humans were no comparison to such a threat for it was the flood who killed thier gods.

age 20-25: Aranu was sent into the army he fought against the humans for much of this time never having a defeat he tended to would solider then after the battle he would make sure his face was the last thing they saw he always looked down on the grunts, jackles, and drones and demanded respect from them he also made the hunters fear him but the elites he did not mess with he planned to have more honor then them the only way he knew how through battle and blood shed.

rp sample:
Aranu went up to the injured marine after the battle he had one leg blown off and was bleeding from chest. Aranu picked him up by his throat pointing a plasma repeated beside his head "my face will be the last thing your eyes ever see human" he said in a low, angry tone toward the marine then with a swift pull of the triger the marines head slump over and blood went out the other side of his head. Aranu droped the corpse onto the ground and began walking "Catch up Grunts were not done until this base is dead."
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PostSubject: Re: Aranu the Elite   Aranu the Elite I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 4:13 pm

APPROVED you may now start RPing. I loved the background btw. Very long is what we want! Very Happy
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Aranu the Elite
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